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Analytical development of artificial turf
Nov 30, 2016

Artificial turf, contrast believe on everyone in the country is still unfamiliar. China earlier than the introduction of artificial turf in the late 80, until the late 90 's is a large area of implementation. It joined the runway as the campus playground has created standard form, instead of a lot of cultivated grass sports. Although sports safety, site characteristics and factors such as public awareness, application range of artificial grass has been bound to a certain extent, but with the development of science and technology, artificial turf innovation and advancement of production manufacturing skills. Now use net made of single-filament sixth-generation artificial turf in shock absorption rate numerical places such as sports, ball rolling, turning indicators and much closer to the natural lawn, even has an advantage in certain features as well. Sports safety performance, a new generation of artificial turf fibers in the surface coating, improvement of aggregate material is now able to effectively decrease the skin scratch and twisting of the foot injury sports injury occurs. Advantages of artificial turf and natural grass are relatively prominent, lack and also shows, select when necessary according to the actual situation of the application of inductive thinking.