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Artificial grass maintenance and the importance of maintaining
Nov 30, 2016

1. the protection conservation of basic requests:
When the stadium turf after the installation is complete, needs at least two weeks for solid synthetic turf fibers. This period of time though to host sports events, but we claim all the heavy equipment and unnecessary traffic, not to enter the stadium. And in this period of time, to minimize the frequency of cleaning is very low, in particular cleaning at high temperatures.
The other, artificial turf is not as natural grassland, often needs a few weeks of use and the ability to reach good sport after weathering performance. This period of time and involves not only fiber solid, filled and needs moderate, to get comfortable, suitable for the aspirations of the movement for a long time.
2. cleaning and decontamination
Rain is good artificial turf cleaning workers. It can be gently washed fiber on the dust, pollen, and the dissemination of other pollutants in the air. In any case, the artificial lawn place needs taking out the garbage, and cut the following questions:
· Place enough trash to avoid the garbage overflow.
· To designate a special driveway to reduce playground dirt and marks.
· Focus on smoke-free environments.