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Artificial lawn to pitch the changes brought about by
Nov 30, 2016

1, economical and low cost
Natural lawn needed for trim, and irrigation, and fat, usually conservation party can normal using, its using life General for 2-4 years, artificial lawn of using life about for 8-12 years, in using in the needs for timing clear surface debris, sweep uniform fill real makes grass stems erect, year-end of all view, job, from using cycle total cost for total calculation, artificial lawn far below natural lawn, and some high quality of artificial lawn can for recycling, makes economic cost further reduced.
2, by using high strength, use a variety
Acceptable use of natural lawn strength, should not be held more than five games in a week, encountered sleet climate can only be postponed when using. While grass is not suitable for a lot of non-competitive activities, such as large-scale public activities on the formation of the lawn damage greatly. Artificial turf can be used around the clock, there is no frequency constraint, application can provide to other sports such as baseball. Some group activities or exhibitions are also held in artificial lawn, but needs attention is weight of overburden pressure might formed ping for a long time no correction of surface damage.
3, practical, low protection
Artificial turf by generations of updates, herbaceous is now comparable with natural grass, especially in the use of frequencies, by using age, and using constraints more prominent.