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Comparison of artificial turf and natural grass
Nov 30, 2016

1. human health
Artificial lawn of the friction coefficient between 0.8 to 1.2, which means that players on this site to make tackles, body and place the friction action, touching parts of the temperature will rise 15-20. Research points out that when the air temperature at 33 degrees, artificial turf under the noon Sun temperature reached 50 degrees, in artificial turf athletic field race athlete will suffer from 70 ℃ high temperature and may burn skin. Anything else, as fillers quartz sand using artificial turf after a period of time, will be taken to the turf appearance, its rough appearance will serious damage the player's body. Although natural lawn and friction will cause the touch part temperature increase, but the soft texture of the superior resolution of turf grass grass sports field appearances can be the proper lubrication, friction fit within the human body can withstand the heat in, not on the formation damage of body. Excellent natural turf has moderate hardness and elasticity, athletes able to willfully make a variety of skill, do not have to worry because the fall was serious injury.
2. by using strength and diversity
Acceptable use of strength of natural lawn, football competition held in General should not be more than five times a week, encountered sleet weather delays, and maintain needed immediately after the game. Grass is not appropriate for a plethora of non-competitive activities, such as large public events, their damage to the lawn to form is great.
3. the economic cost
Grass built from beginning, end of mowing, irrigation, the fat they need routine maintenance, such as sustainable use, in practice, General 2-4 update. Artificial turf use life of 8 to 12 years, but cost is high, used to end the required maintenance links--time to eradicate the appearance of clutter, so stuffed with grass stems erect, end of all operations, before the hot season use still needs to spray water cooling. If not artificial lawn maintenance, quality will decline very quickly, it is necessary to know of the correct lawn maintenance.