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Role of quartz sand turf
Nov 30, 2016

Laying in the artificial turf of quartz sand, quartz sand to hide in the grass roots, to preserve the grass silk effect. And then evenly spreading on quartz sand and rubber granules. Silica sand and rubber thickness in accordance with different height depending on the lawn, requesting mercy rubber below the grass surface 10MM. Artificial lawn sand to round abilities much maintenance grass, and now some companies to use some gravel and sand and aggregates are pointed, yellow sand with lots of mud and rocks, the grass silk is undoubtedly a great damage.
Quartz sand is a sports facility planning for production of special turf products, with high hardness, than serious, uniform size, little sharpness, color and other characteristics of artificial small lawn damage, maintain the lawn wool effects, make the lawn more won't last long. Now, the application of quartz sand several tertiary institutions are stadiums, modern track and field, soccer fields, a golf course and other artificial sites supporting the vision of the use of the information.