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What advantages does artificial grass
Nov 30, 2016

1, the artificial grass roots high smoothness of appearance requests, to ensure that common artificial turf surface layer thickness, elastic evenly. Flatness of rate above 95%, 5 meter ruler errors 3MM, tilt: horizontal 8, longitudinally 5 ‰, semicircular area 5, looks clean, lubricate, to ensure drainage.
2, artificial grass roots should have a certain amount of strength and stability.
3, artificial turf uniform looks solid, no cracks, no bad Matt surface, seams straight and lubricated, and mercy to 6000mmx6000mm and cut as well.
4, mat artificial turf compaction and density is greater than 95%, in medium sized rolling mills pressure after no apparent wheel track, no topsoil relaxed, surge, and other scenes.
5, cement based artificial turf must be confining, confining new PVC thickened water film, junction should be greater than 300mm, edge margin greater than 150mm.
6, artificial turf to consider expansion joints, width 5 mm.
7, artificial grass roots conservation for 2-3 week.