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Scope Of Application Of Artificial Turf
Nov 30, 2016

Scope of application: Leisure Garden, green roof garden, Villa landscaping, nursery schools, hospitals, swimming pools, boat deck, workplaces, private residence, hotel decoration on the ground laying, communities, resorts, clubs, activity center, balcony roof renovations, football stadium and other sports facilities, campus induction.
Artificial turf of clock: not affected by climate, progressive sites use of power;
Evergreen turf: natural grass after a period of dormancy, artificial turf can still give you the feeling of spring;
Artificial turf environmental protection: the materials fit environmental requirements, artificial turf surface course recyclable;
Simulation of artificial turf: artificial turf is produced based on the bionics principle, outstanding elastic foot comfort;
Artificial turf durability: durable, resists fading, particularly applicable to the higher frequency of places;
Economy of artificial grass: usually ensures that the effective life of more than five years;
Artificial grass from protective: virtually no protection fee, simply to avoid man-made damage;