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Sports Artificial Grass The Form Is Flexible, Easy To Install And Use
May 26, 2017

Artificial turf was born in the United States in the 1960s, it is a non-life of plastic chemical fiber products as raw materials using artificial methods to produce the proposed lawn. It is not like the natural turf need to consume the necessary fertilizer, water and other resources to meet the 24 hours a day high-intensity sports needs, and conservation is simple, rapid drainage, excellent field roughness. So it is widely used in soccer, hockey, baseball, rugby special venues, as well as parks, school playgrounds or as a floor pavement beautify the indoor environment.

So, what are the different sports venues for Sports Artificial Grass?

Professional football field

Soccer is a tough game, the venue needs to be flexible, super shock absorption, effectively reduce sports injuries.

The player, the ball, the lawn's interaction is excellent, is conducive to the player to play a better level.

Campus football field

Site formation, buffer performance is better, the particles filled evenly, the site has flexibility.

To ensure the wear resistance of the site to meet the school's high frequency of use.

In addition to daily football competitions and training, to meet the multi-purpose school venues, such as holding school activities.

Cage soccer field

Cage soccer is the derivative of traditional football, the venue is a rectangular "cage". Site covers an area of small, flexible form, easy to install and use.

The venue requires comfortable, wearable, non-slip, suitable for cage sports characteristics, can effectively enhance the venue of the sports experience.

Hockey field

Hockey grass is the highest demand for a series of Sports Artificial Grass products, due to the characteristics of hockey, the venue should have a good water retention, water permeability, strong wear resistance, excellent flatness, anti-aging and weather resistance, As well as grass density, no direction, always keep the ball movement and other characteristics.

International Hockey Federation (FIH) certification venues, the hockey competition venues seepage, water retention performance, the ball's rebound performance, the foot of the foot of the friction, the ball rolling performance and rolling bias, and many other aspects of a clear and strict standards.

Rugby field

Rugby is a sport that has a strong impact and requires full contact.

The site has high demands on turf elasticity, antistatic properties, abrasion resistance and safety performance.

Baseball field

Site smooth, good resilience, turf gliding excellent performance.

Requires the grass wire does not contain any heavy metal, does not produce static burns, super wear.

The site is not affected by the climate and can be used in extreme weather areas of alpine and high temperatures. The maintenance and repair costs are low.

Tennis court

Tennis is characterized by the ball when the ground with the ground friction is small, the ball rebounded fast, the requirements of the turf is a strong exercise rebound.

As the game players sensitive, running fast, demanding grass silk density is high, do not fade, and wear.

Children's multi-purpose venues

Colorful variety, improve the child's sports fun and learning fun.

Requirements site formation, no small particles, to ensure the health and safety of young children.

Leisure venue

All kinds of landscape decoration, such as roof garden, terrace, sun room, hotel, airport and so can use artificial turf, reflecting the green and stylish appearance.

Requirements of the site practical, free from climate, maintenance and repair costs are low, just wash the water can remove dirt, but also has not faded, no deformation and so on.