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Artificial lawn industry profiles
Nov 30, 2016

Middle of the last century 90 's, turf brought in from abroad for the laying of sports venues in China, started a movement course of artificial turf in the promotion of domestic use. With the rapid use of artificial turf in the domestic, large numbers of foreign artificial grass brand man into the Chinese market, and also gradually nurtured a group of artificial turf manufacturers. With the development of the market, some manufacturers began to introduce professional production equipment from abroad, produces its own artificial turf, has an advantage on price, since the beginning of 2004 accounted for most of the domestic market share, and many manufacturers have started to export.
On the one hand, along with the economic development and the improvement of people's living standards, the development of sports industry in China in recent years have been greatly, especially the 2008 Olympic Games held in China to inject new vigor for development of sports industry and sports industry is closely related to all kinds of sports venues, venue construction is also increasingly developed.
On the other hand, with enrollment and key middle schools have been expanding in recent years, various types of school sports ground facilities in urgent need of reconstruction and extension. As hardware, the State Department also called for the complete work of school sports facilities and related policies, as well as financial support. In the macro-environment, the artificial turf industry has extensive global and be better applied to sports venues, and has been widely recognized.