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Discussion on the artificial turf renovation notices
Nov 30, 2016

1, place innovation demands the removal of the old artificial turf artificial grass, replaced with a new artificial turf. Which is the removal of artificial turf, which is the key part. Removal artificial lawn process in the primary to note is don't damage (eradication) was of artificial lawn Foundation, artificial lawn Foundation usually is with cement, and asphalt, and may other dust pad layer, device process in the artificial lawn are is through adhesive bonded to ground may seams with and no spinning cloth above, removal artificial lawn process in the, using things put artificial lawn and contact layer eradication, don't put artificial lawn Foundation damage have pitted uneven.
2, transfer and archive old artificial turf, rubber granules, quartz sand, has now used these data cannot be used, through good after years of use, these old information has lost its function, mixed with a lot of waste dirt such as dust, does not have a security feature.
3, the removal of these waste materials are in tons of, which should be fully considered in the quotation process, many newbies to see the places from the sky, place the artificial turf has been close to the ground is bald, demand clean up wastes less practice is not true. Due to build a new artificial turf in place when filling the granules, quartz sand quantity is fundamental for the same amount, with a standard football field as, for example, his mercy filled about 200 tons of quartz sand, so this is a huge amount of waste sorting operations, thus it is necessary to do accounting time fully into account.
4, before paving the new artificial turf, must first finish clean areas, conditional Word flush again, finishing above the clean areas of surface dust, then start laying artificial turf is better.