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Home Decorative Landscape Artificial Grass
Feb 15, 2017

Good elasticity and abrasion resistance.

Anti-UV and perfect anti-static electricity.

Applicable to interior and outdoor leisure sports places.

Application area: It is widely used in city Government Park, estate projet, resort, hotels, commercial center, golf driving ranges, private clubs, family courtyard etc.

High fidelity of the lawn can keep the grass all the year round green.

No fertilizing or weeding. Low maintenance cost.

Bright in color. Beautiful and tasteful.

Aging resistant. Long lifetime.

Simple paving, less joints and no marks.

Wide range of application. It can be used as the interior decoration, courtyard landscape and greening.

Soft to touch, comfortable to foot, and good elasticity.

The yarn is fine. It is the best alternative of natural grass.

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