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How to choose artificial turf
Nov 30, 2016

1. If using qualified artificial turf fiber materials and additives
Artificial lawn fiber General all selection new high purity PP, and PE as material, all material are is one-time manufacturing of fiber, using Hou can guarantee fiber physical of stability, grass silk fiber points special number in 6600DTEX to 11000DTEX, in synthetic Shi increased appropriate of anti-UV, and anti-oxidation, and anti-electrostatic, and anti-lodging, additives, makes artificial lawn grass silk fiber keep must of using years, and guarantee in using period within artificial lawn not rendering aging, and wear, and faded, phenomenon.
2. does choose Composite elastic structures
Excellent selection of artificial grass is a composite type of elastic structures (nonwovens + mesh), and its thickness is about 1.5mm~2mm, by weaving, after pruning paint LaTeX glue used when high temperature curing technology, made underlying strong more and more robust, and more endowed with flexibility.
3. fiber feel is flexible, the color is soft
Artificial grass fibers feel for lubrication and endowed with the flexibility (also available according to customer request, made from matte, and closer to the natural color), the color of uniform soft, net said, torn split evenly, back at the end of robust, endowed with the flexibility, coating evenly endowed with the gloss.