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Artificial Garden Grass Prevent Mosquitoes, Bacteria Breeding
Jun 19, 2017

Compared with the natural turf, the Artificial Garden Grass has the advantages of longer use period, high flatness, higher frequency use, etc., and its construction is quick and easy, the maintenance cost is low, the Artificial Garden Grass replaces the natural turf has become a share Trend, a high quality soccer game, must be carried out on a site where the quality of the turf is excellent

Artificial Garden Grass production process produced by the color factors which

1) mature technology and low prices make it widely used as possible;

2) Four Seasons Evergreen meets the requirements of the lawn in different seasons;

3) the basic need to take care and pruning to adapt to the modern fast-paced life requirements;

4) pavement is simple, very short cycle, in line with the expectations of people in a timely manner;

5) no need to grow, sprinkler, insecticide, highly environmentally friendly;

6) to prevent mosquitoes, bacteria breeding, reducing the harm to people

Golf Artificial Garden Grass

Artificial Garden Grass technology is rapid, all aspects of the characteristics are very close to the natural grass, and the use of Artificial Garden Grass school there are many benefits, according to grass fiber structure of artificial grass: single fiber and open fiber, single fiber can be divided into straight grass and grass ; Open fiber can be divided into straight grass and grass; need to have the corresponding hardware facilities, such as teaching buildings, stands, runways, etc., as non-sports use of artificial grass, will not be bound by these conditions , Can be free pavement in the roof, courtyard, swimming pool, slope, green belt, wall, pet cage, etc., false lawn is similar to natural grass synthetic fiber by mechanical preparation fixed on the base layer, for a variety of sports Site of the ground material, Artificial Garden Grass to take the concept of safety protection, it is more suitable for school use, and there is no inappropriate flexibility caused by the concerns of athletes hurt, so we people should follow the international trend, vigorously promote the Artificial Garden Grass roof green grass The use of special quartz sand fixed grass seedlings, so that the grass does not lodging, sand to the remaining height of 10 mm below the grass, in the grass surface spread rubber particles Spread evenly, the grass can not be poured with the edge of the sand to prevent athletes from injury, according to the color of artificial grass: two-color grass and monochromatic grass; evergreen: natural grass into the dormant period, the artificial grass is still able to Bring you the feeling of spring.

Problems arising from the production of Artificial Garden Grass

1, all-weather: completely free from climate, greatly improve the efficiency of the use of the site, and in the alpine, high temperature and other extreme weather areas

2, beautiful evergreen: natural grass into the dormant period, the artificial grass is still able to bring you the feeling of spring, the overall bright color, beautiful, easy to aging

3, safety and environmental protection: all kinds of materials are in line with environmental requirements, environmental safety all through international qualification testing, fire, fire, water, without any odor, artificial lawn surface recycling

4, simulation: artificial grass is the use of bionic principles of production, lawn of the non-directional, hardness of the user in the activities of natural grass and no big difference, trampled comfortable and light, feel safe, leisure and sports feel good, Pavement permeability is good

5, durability: durable, easy to fade, especially suitable for the use of high frequency of the courtyard, corridors, balconies, large, medium and primary schools, kindergartens, golf and various sports venues

6, economy: generally can guarantee more than 8 years of service life

7, maintenance-free: basically no maintenance costs occur, easy to clean, maintenance

8, the construction is simple: in asphalt, cement, sand and other places on the basis of pavement

Pool Artificial Garden Grass Here we will be divided into six aspects to illustrate the impact of the two turf on the players, on the contrary, Artificial Garden Grass can be carried out in a variety of solid and flat on the ground to determine the surface of a good flatness, artificial lawn field material Pavement is completed when the laying of quartz sand and rubber particles, sitting on a perfect real turf is the dream of many people, but behind the maintenance costs can not be ignored: According to the California Bay University research report, to maintain a 20 square meters of turf , A year about 80,000 liters of water consumption (a person's water consumption a year)

In order to meet the needs of this part of the school users, in the process of adding synthetic fiber appropriate anti-UV., Anti-oxidation, anti-static, lodging and other additives, so that fiber to ensure six years of service life, and during the use of aging, Wear, fade and so on! , Galilee Artificial Garden Grass on their own pavement of each site will have a strict review process to ensure that the hands of customers to the site is the quality of the clearance