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Artificial Grass For Kennels And Dog Runs
Dec 24, 2016

 Natural grass dog runAs many boarding kennels owners will agree, having to maintain a high-quality grassed area for dogs to run and play is not easy.

It’s especially difficult in the winter months when rain and frost can cause the natural grass to become muddy and damaged (like the natural grass dog run pictured here). For many kennel owners, therefore, using their natural grass dog runs in winter is not an option.

So what’s the solution?

Creating a dog run using artificial grass – you can even install it yourself.

Some boarding kennel owners in Horsham decided to take this option and bought a quantity of our artificial grass for that very purpose. They successfully installed the grass themselves and, as the photo below shows, the difference is remarkable.

Their clients’ dogs canArtificial grass dog run now access and enjoy the dog run all year round – great news for everyone!

For the kennel owners, there are no more mud-baths to clean up after and the dogs can get the exercise they need from playing outdoors even in winter time.

So, if your pets enjoy playing in the garden, consider the benefits of installing an artificial grass area for them. Go to our pets love artificial grass page to see the difference it can make!

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