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Artificial Grass Kinds
Nov 30, 2016

Artificial sod basically divides into hairy, hairs and short hair in three categories, subdivided into three smaller types of wool, Qu Mao and curl.
1, Chang Mao Cao: Lawn wool length from 32 to 50 mm or more.
Normally used for football games, exercises, and horse racing venue, the lawn wool density from 150 needles to 180 needles are used.
2, Mao Cao: Lawn wool length from 19 to 32 mm.
As the world of tennis, hockey and lawn bowls game place upstairs. For practice use, soccer fields, volleyball courts, basketball courts, tennis courts, and other places, and even as an athletics track. The lawn wool density from 180 needles to 220 needles are used.
3, short Mao Cao: Lawn wool length from 6 to 12 mm.
Applies to basketball courts, tennis courts, swimming pool or landscaping.
1, Mao Cao: man and for many uses, price is low.
On the tennis court, basketball court, soccer pitch, running athletes fell bruising environment for the application of the time is not too much.
2, Qu Maocao: because the grass is in a zigzag shape and folds, abrasions on the athletes in the lawn wool is relatively small, multi-purpose Football venues.
3, Mao Cao: Lawn wool circle, folding each other more closely, particularly for lawn bowls or when the ball rolled on the turf will not Cao Mao was laid constitute direction affect the ball's roads moving higher. Common name: unguided turf