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Artificial Turf In Which Quality Problems In The Production Process
Nov 30, 2016

1. artificial turf when broken or off, mainly because of its substrates in wear resistance and strength is not enough, after a long period of ageing, corrosion and wear, severe breakdown and removal of silk, liner in wear resistance on artificial turf, is an important condition for quality assurance.
2. artificial turf in color is not uniform, leads to chromatic aberration occurs, processing and production of different color in the grass after the lawn, the laying of that same color appears on the site; on the thick grass should be consistent, and color uniformity, it requires great technical content.
3. after the sunlight, obviously fading, and fading of serious uneven so strong ultraviolet light exposure, such as stability and colour fastness to artificial turf, is an important consideration on artificial turf on the index.
4. on the grass as a whole in brightness is not enough, and after friction static, and accompanied by a certain degree of delay, in which artificial turf electrostatic and brightness is also considered an important part of quality, which will directly relate to abrasion coefficient, as well as the final movement of the whole effect