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Artificial Turf Used To Pay Attention To What
Nov 30, 2016

1, stop wearing 5mm or beyond 5mm spikes in strenuous exercise on turf (with heels).
2, stop any motor vehicle travel on turf.
3, stop the weight pressing down on the artificial turf.
4, to stop the shot put, Javelin and discus or something falling on the artificial turf at high.
5, to stop all kinds of pollution of artificial turf.
6, stop immediately violations in the snow, you float snow to sweep the appearance of a use.
7, stop throwing gum on the lawn and all the debris.
8, the Suppression of all Fireworks.
9, stopping on the lawn using corrosive solvents.
10, combat comes into play with sugary drinks.
11, stop destructive tear artificial grass fibers.
12, stop the weapon damage of artificial turf substrates
13, sport-quartz sand flat to stick to fill the lawn, ensure that the trajectory of the ball or bouncing tracks.