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Characteristics Of Artificial Turf
Nov 30, 2016

1. artificial turf low sliding resistance: unique technology makes hengtai plastic artificial grass flooring company's resistance is low, the more close to natural grass, can be useful to avoid skin scratches when personnel movement, fell and sprained ankles.
2. artificial turf environmental protection: the grass does not contain any heavy metals pigments, can be used anywhere and can be recovered.
3. the abrasion resistance of artificial turf: frequent use, life span for 8-10 years.
4. the weather resistance of artificial turf: use suitable for all climates, can suffer from high temperatures in cold.
5. UV-resistant artificial Lawn: anti aging, anti-purple line functional FIFA-approved, ensures that the 8-10 do not fade, not aging.
6. flame retardant artificial Lawn: grass out of the fire will not burn, flame retardant reaches level standard.