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Foodball Grass Consumption Of The Necessary Fertilizer, Water And Other Resources
Aug 09, 2017

Faced with increasingly fierce market competition, many Chinese artificial grass production enterprises began to rely on innovation to improve product quality, brand advantage to gain market share. At present, China's Foodball Grass enterprises, with independent intellectual property rights of Foodball Grass manufacturers have to create, green Wo, CGT Green City lawn and other seven or eight. Most domestic lawn products with the performance of similar products with a large gap between the overall technology research and development capabilities are still relatively backward situation. The increase in urbanization and urban greening has brought unlimited opportunities to the lawn industry, which has spawned more people in the lawn industry. China is accelerating the process of urban greening, especially in small and medium-sized cities, the expansion of the area need to increase the area of large landscaping, the increase may be far more than the existing urban green area.

    Foodball Grass technology content is very high, in the light effect of the scene under the map, the lush grass with the breeze, accompanied by movement in the light dance, and grass blooming flowers pavilions. It is not like natural lawns need to consume the necessary fertilizer, water and other resources to meet the 24 hours a day high-intensity sports needs, and conservation is simple, rapid drainage, excellent field roughness, Foodball Grass production process requirements are very high, And the need to use a variety of high-tech technology, and now a lot of sports venues, hotel decoration, roof green and so began to lay with Foodball Grass, is widely accepted by the public. In the country, artificial grass products have experienced a rapid development stage. From 2001 only by a small number of professional clubs accepted, and now in the vast majority of institutions of higher learning in the construction of sports are widely used, and more and more primary and secondary schools have also joined the ranks of users of artificial grass products, artificial grass products Has entered a new stage of unprecedented development.

The effect of adding rubber particles to Foodball Grass on soccer field

First, because the turf is mainly used in the manufacture of polymer drawing, so the need to use quartz sand, or rubber particles to the grass wire to suppress, and turf stability, under normal circumstances, the lower will choose to use quartz sand , While the upper layer is the choice of rubber particles.

Second, because the Foodball Grass is not any soil, when the collision or fall in the case, then the body will be relatively large in the force, but also very prone to injury, if you add the right amount of rubber particles with high elasticity , Can effectively simulate the feeling of the soil, to prevent the body and the scene when the collision occurred when the situation.

Three, after the polymer is drawing the artificial lawn, the surface will be much smoother than the real turf, especially in the rain when this time to add the right amount of rubber particles, it can provide greater friction, and Foodball Grass in the Use the performance of the effective promotion.