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Foodball Grass Soft Wear And Tear To Effectively Relieve Noise
Jun 30, 2017

Foodball Grass manufacturers focus on Foodball Grass production. Foodball Grass manufacturers firmly believe that focus on creating brand and product advantages, strict product quality.

Foodball Grass manufacturers lawn soft and wearable, can be in cement, asphalt and other ground surface installation. Very suitable for kindergarten school playground, roof, balcony and a variety of decoration and decoration class. More flexible and longer life Some lawns have introduced Dutch technical life for up to 10 years. Foodball Grass late maintenance is simple, low maintenance costs, rinse with water to remove dirt, and has not faded, no deformation characteristics.

Foodball Grass manufacturers lawn there is a very significant advantage, that is, its advanced texture can be effectively exposed to the air which is not rusty, permeable and breathable, substantial savings of the late maintenance costs. The average life expectancy is 1.5-2 times that of ordinary domestic Foodball Grass. Jiangsu Wanyuan Foodball Grass also introduced advanced scientific concept of life, not only can effectively alleviate the noise, vibration and pressure. But also has a recyclable, multiple processing and utilization, low-carbon environmental protection features.

Foodball Grass sports ground has become a symbol of China's modern sports facilities. In recent years, with the sport and the public leisure movement in the country's vigorous development. The country from the school stadium, kindergarten to the community's leisure venues have become an increasingly strong new trend.

The sense of the ball: the ball in the above run the track is in line with the requirements of the game. Foodball Grass is used to be so of the most important

Feet: the athlete in the above run feeling.

Before the construction of Foodball Grass, should be mainly considered the following factors: Foodball Grass type, Foodball Grass used fiber material (PP or PE), the type of filler material (silica sand, rubber particles or a mixture of the two) and filling depth, Design and so on

1, the choice of Foodball Grass type

2, Foodball Grass manufacturing materials and options

3, filled with Foodball Grass