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Frozen On Turf How To Remove
Nov 30, 2016

Under normal circumstances, impact of artificial turf does not freeze because freezing will melt and evaporate automatically clean. But in order to make the playground time come in handy in times of need, need to remove ice on the artificial turf. Ice clear pretty hard, how would this be handled?
Therefore, in order to clear the frozen turf without injury, the most commonly used method is based on heavy drum on the artificial turf of crushed ice. After crushed ice, can be cleaned directly from the site. Usually time out of the Sun, and in the case of ice or frost are not very thick, it will soon melt away, had little effect.
But if frozen layers thick, so long there is no other way, can only use chemicals to help it melt. But note that, regardless of any chemicals used on turf, will leave some residue, weather permitting, to flush out the site.
If the ice is thicker on artificial turf, you can help by spreading urea ice melt, probably every 3,000-square-foot needs to spread 100 Ibs urea (for reference only, in the different areas of different sizes can be adjusted). After the broadcasting of urea, space you want on the ice to melt after the half hour. Melting of ice required cleaning machines, rubber cleaner, clean car wash or other suitable device. When urea-12 small role-17 does not melt the ice. A small amount of urea residues remaining on the site, weather permitting, to clean.