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Glue Three Artificial Turf Using The Standard
Nov 30, 2016

1. water drainage because outdoor turf needs is for sure, so is the glue of the lawn must have waterproof functions, if poor waterproofing effect, artificial turf late in the process, seams where there will be a shaking or cracking phenomena.
2. high adhesion, and glue in the artificial turf is inextricably linked, if the glue on the viscosity of up to lawn venues and seams around the phenomenon of curling, which not only affects the appearance of artificial turf, and will seriously affect their entire life.
3. suitable temperature of range to wide, artificial lawn in North area using Shi, low of temperature can reached minus of 39 degrees, even also will more low, so artificial lawn of glue must has must of Hardy sex, and in South, to, artificial lawn of using process in the, big of temperatures can reached 60 degrees Celsius, so glue of resistance high temperature performance also to high.