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High Quality Natural Artificial Lawn Grass Roll/Synthetic Turf For Tennis
Nov 20, 2017

High quality Natural  artificial lawn grass roll/Synthetic turf for tennis/basketball court / Running track Made in China

1.  100% Polyethylene yarn system 

2.  Simple installation and low maintenance  

3.  Excellent UV-stability and environmentally friendly 


Base:PP+Wool or PP+Net


Ground Cloth:Complex



Row Spacing:3/8 inch

Grade:International Class

Filaments Twist Number:8800dtex

Occasion:for Sport, Tennis, Basketball,Running Trakc

Yarn Shape:Oliver-Shaped

Yarn Form:PE Mesh

Yarn Length:Short

Product features

1.  When natural grass enters hibernation,it can bring you the feeling of spring.

2.  Durable ,no fading,especially suitable for primary sites for higher frequency.

3.  Generally guarantees 6 to 8 years life

4.  It can be used in any climate,no matter rain  or snow.All weather used.

5.  The lawn will need just little maintenance.

6.  All the materials are accord with environmental protection requirement.Besides,artificial turf  can be recycled.

7.  Artificial grass adopted the principle of bionics production,so there is no big difference between the natural     grass and the artificial grass.

As one of the biggest manufacturers in china, our products are 100%.Our company is located in shanghai which is an international major city.Our products include:Landscape Artificial Grass,Sports Artificial Grass,Artificial Grass Tiles and so on.

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