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How To Choose Kindergartens Are Density And Height Of Lawn
Nov 30, 2016

Kindergarten artificial lawn in density, and quality and height Zhijian not exists larger relationship, but is can decided artificial lawn of grade and price, artificial lawn of quality more high, so its price will more high, corresponding of need using of material also will more more, its in comfortable sex Shang and beautiful sex Shang also will better, and grass silk if more short, while beautiful sex and comfortable degrees are will with of declined, but is not said grass silk of height more high must more good, because in artificial of lawn in the, Straight grass silk main is according to more short of song grass silk to on on grass silk for erect and back elastic of support, so if straight grass silk in height Shang high words, so grass silk compared often appeared lodging of phenomenon, but because Stampede situation of not are, in grass silk occurred lodging zhihou, will formed level downs of different phenomenon, led to whole beautiful are by serious of effect.
3cm grass would be more soft, if is the older smaller children run, would appear wrestling or be run no more, after a long practice that, 2-3cm the height of the kindergarten is suitable for lawns, more common on the artificial turf at the height of the market are: 2cm, 2.5cm, 3cm, and so on.
Artificial lawn in after years of experience summary out, height for 2cm of lawn, in straight sex and economic sex Shang are is good of, and height for 2.5cm of lawn, in straight degrees and beautiful sex Shang is is good of, so, to better of upgrade artificial lawn of grade, and beautiful and comfortable degrees,, not should too much of upgrade its height and increased simulation of turf, should in amount of turf height on, upgrade simulation turf whole of density.