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Jun 05, 2017


 Artificial Grass

Homeowners tend to overlook their garden and lawns. Assuredly, taking care of it takes a lot of time and money – a luxury that we all can’t afford.

So we often end up with barren and bare lawns especially after winter or summer. But that was before artificial grass was adopted into residential houses. Nowadays, homeowners can brandish a verdant lawn without as much effort as natural sod lawns even during a drought.

Whether you’re simply trying to improve your home or is wishing to increase its resale value (artificial grass boosts property value), you can’t go wrong with artificial grass. It can be used in areas where grass simply won’t grow, either because of overuse or unfavourable soil and weather conditions. If your lawn and garden is unable to sprout some greens, try landscaping it with artificial grass.

golf Artificial Grass

A green lawn and garden will boost the charm and beauty of your home, it will look more inviting.

You can also install it beside swimming pools to avoid muddy areas that carry dirt into the pool. Additionally, it will provide a soft cushion for people lounging beside the pool. If you’re feeling fancy, try delving into Mediterranean design and incorporate slate tiles with artificial grass strips. This will create a rustic effect, perfect for old school homes. Or you can simply create dog runs that can’t be dug up which saves you a lot of time from having to wipe off those muddy paw prints inside the house. It also works well in roof gardens especially if your roof is not sturdy enough to support natural grass. Aside from the fact that you don’t have to trim it and risk falling off the roof, artificial frass won’t turn brown and giving your roof the look lush green all year round.

There is really no limit to how you can use artificial grass to improve your home. A house in Los Angeles, for example, brightened up a shady patio by installing a small artificial lawn. This feat will be very difficult to maintain with the use of natural grass.

Another great idea is using multiple materials. This will provide plenty of focal points which will give that sophisticated look. Just be careful with your colours, try out things, your imagination is the limit.

Lastly let’s talk about how landscaping can add up to 11% on the value of a home. This is based solely on scoring better on three main factors of determining property value: environmental benefits, aesthetics, and price of maintenance for the buyer. It’s totally a win- win situation. You will have a beautiful house and you can take pride on having a lawn that is green all throughout the year where your kids can spend countless hours running around it – a perfect childhood home for your kids.

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