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Landscape Artificial Grass Adhere To A Monthly Cleaning Maintenance
Jun 30, 2017

Landscape Artificial Grass  to durable design principles, and natural turf compared to Landscape Artificial Grass land without "rest" appropriate maintenance to improve the practicality and aesthetics of Landscape Artificial Grass , the following points will help you extend the venue for a longer period of time Life:

(1), the basic points:

When the stadium artificial turf is installed, it takes two weeks to stabilize the grass fiber. We recommend that during this period, try not to hold sports events, heavy equipment and unnecessary transport vehicles are not to enter the venue. This time, to sweep the number of times to a minimum, in particular, do not clean at high temperatures.

(2), keep clean:

Cleaning the artificial pasture is the only effective way to keep your sportground in the best sport. To use the frequent period, adhere to a monthly cleaning maintenance, timely removal of garbage on the site.

(3), control the use of the site:

Time to allow the case, after the holding of sports events, try to let the site after a week to continue to use.

(4), to provide adequate rubbish bins to avoid spillage.

(5), timely repair small damage:

Early spring season suitable for artificial site maintenance, repair, carefully check the suture is loose, check the entire grass fabric at the end of any damage, tear, burning and other phenomena in time to fill the filling materials.

(6), in the venue to establish a "no smoking", "prohibited to carry food approach" logo.

Artificial turf laying before a series of things need to do the following to see it:

A, the basis of the general use of cement concrete or asphalt cast, with a certain strength and stability.

B, the foundation can not produce cracks and freezing caused by the skin or sand.

C, the foundation of the flatness, 3 m ruler error is less than 4mm, with a certain slope, usually 3-5%, in order to rain drainage.

D, in frozen areas, should be used antifreeze technology, artificial turf generally in the asphalt layer and gravel layer between a layer of geotextile to cushion,Landscape Artificial Grass  along the trench should be the basis of special waterproofing treatment.

Artificial turf construction organization design scheme

E, the basic surface to keep clean and dry,Landscape Artificial Grass  asphalt foundation after completion of the guarantee should be 30 days or so, so that the low boiling point of the bituminous surface volatile components to ensure that the base layer has sufficient bonding strength.

F, concrete foundation also have about 30 days of maintenance period,Landscape Artificial Grass  large area to be used to consider the expansion of the expansion joints, the surface to be smooth processing.

G, asphalt concrete foundation technical indicators

I hope to see the above description of the people in the artificial turf laying attention to Oh.