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Landscape Artificial Grass Maintenance Is Simple And Low Cost
May 26, 2017

 Green is one of the most beautiful colors in nature, adding landscaping effects to the scene. As the artificial turf with environmental protection, the role of green has been widely used in major industries. Whether it is cold and heat, or all seasons can be paved artificial turf, for example, like the use of a wide range of leisure lawn, suitable for indoor and outdoor decoration, such as garden green.

The reason why leisure artificial turf is widely used, the main factors or artificial turf of economic and practical quality and environmental protection. Artificial turf quality depends mainly on the quality of Landscape Artificial Grass silk, Landscape Artificial Grass silk fiber material is the key to the production of artificial turf.

Beauty of the advantages of grass:

1. Strong climate adaptability. Orleans Landscape Artificial Grass can be applied to each season climate, and the construction is simple. The

2. anti-aging. Through the anti-aging test, tested, Orme artificial silk has a high standard of anti-UV aging.

3. Good wear resistance. The use of nanocomposite materials to enhance the quality of Landscape Artificial Grass silk raw materials, grass silk soft performance. Safe and sound performance.

Landscape leisure grass for parks, schools, hotels, exhibitions, kindergartens, club swimming pool of green, landscape, leisure use more occasions. Artificial landscape grass in the application has a very big advantage:

1. Maintenance is simple and low cost.

2. Regardless of spring and summer autumn and winter, sun and rain, can be used all day.

3. Significantly reduce maintenance costs, especially in line with urban water requirements.

4. Anti-ultraviolet, corrosion-resistant, mildew, and environmental pollution, do not fade, lawn layer can be recycled.

5. Increase the movement area, reduce the noise on the playground, and has the role of shock absorption, decompression, in line with the requirements of open teaching.

6. Can be used frequently, performance has always been the same, greatly improving the efficiency of the use of the site.

7. Turf system made of curly grass, grass surface without direction, to ensure smooth walking, good wear resistance.

8. Economical and practical, under normal circumstances can be used 6-8 years, long life, maintenance-free costs.