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Landscape Artificial Grass Need To Carry Out Regular Maintenance
Aug 09, 2017

Landscape Artificial Grass and natural lawn of the advantages of irreplaceability and the existence of differentiated demand, for a long period of time, the two will continue to coexist, with the development.

Natural turf from the beginning to complete the need to complete pruning, irrigation, fertilization and other sustainable use of sustainable use, in actual use, usually 2 to 4 years to be updated. Landscape Artificial Grass life of 8 to 12 years, but the construction of high cost, the use of the necessary maintenance to complete the necessary links, regular removal of surface debris, sweep the filler to make grass stalks, year-end comprehensive inspection work, hot Seasonal watering should also be used before the season. Landscape Artificial Grass, if not to be maintained, the use of the same quality will soon decline, we must correct the Landscape Artificial Grass without maintenance awareness.

Durability and use diversity:

Landscape Landscape Artificial Grass in the practical application does not exist the frequency of the use of the basic can be used around the clock, but also available to other sports such as baseball use. Some of the collective activities or large-scale exhibitions can also be arranged on the Landscape Artificial Grass, but it should be noted that heavy material over a long period of time may cause irreparable damage to the surface.

Natural turf can withstand the use of limited strength, held a regular football game is usually not more than five times a week, encountered rain and snow weather is the best extension, after the game to be immediately maintained. At the same time natural lawns are not suitable for excessive non-competition activities, such as large public activities, etc., they are caused by the damage is great.

If you talk about no grass, people will think of artificial lawn, but most of the artificial lawn is grass, so think of soilless cultivation.

Soilless cultivation refers to the cultivation of crops without natural soil, and the cultivation of crops in the nutrient solution, this nutrient solution can replace the natural soil to the crop to provide water, nutrients, oxygen, temperature, so that the crop can grow and complete its entire life cycle The As we all know, the growth of crops in traditional agriculture is inseparable from the soil, such as food, cotton, oil, vegetables, fruit trees, tea, flowers, tobacco, etc., must use the soil cultivation, it can be said that agricultural production, Soil cultivation techniques, agriculture and soil are closely related. And since 1929, Professor Grickey tried a kind of soilless cultivation of tomatoes since the success of crop cultivation has finally got rid of the shackles of natural soil, can enter the factory production of attractive development prospects.

Soilless cultivation due to no soil, in the technology is a major breakthrough, at the same time, due to the continuous improvement of technology, advanced facilities and the application of new matrix materials, soilless cultivation has been based on the growth and development of different crops need to warm, water , Light, fat, gas and other automatic regulation and control, the implementation of factory production. Therefore, soilless cultivation is the modern high-tech agriculture, modern facilities cultivation of new technologies. Landscape Artificial Grass

Advantages of the production process Landscape Artificial Grass has a bright appearance, four seasons green, vivid, good drainage performance, long life, low maintenance costs.

Landscape Artificial Grass sports system on the basis of the quality requirements are mainly concentrated in three areas: hardness, flatness and drainage slope.

Commonly used artificial grass base has three types: asphalt foundation, cement foundation, gravel foundation, which type is mainly determined by the local climate and the environment, the time, the asphalt foundation is particularly suitable for the northern temperature difference and the winter low temperature climate, But also because of its cost is expensive, for the warm and humid environment is not the most suitable basis type, gravel foundation because of its simple construction, low cost, rapid drainage, more common in the south, but because of its poor steel and stability, After a long period of time prone to loose base, resulting in the foundation is not flat; therefore, in most parts of the country, cement concrete base has become economical and practical, cost-effective very high artificial grass base type. Double and sports According to the rich experience of artificial grass system, the artificial grass cement concrete foundation to do the following brief introduction:

1, the basic surface roughness requirements are higher, to ensure that the artificial grass layer thickness consistent, uniform elasticity. Flatness pass rate of 95% or more, 5 m ruler error 3MM, slope: horizontal 8 ‰, vertical 5 ‰, semi-circular area 5 ‰, the surface should be flat, smooth, to ensure drainage.

2, the foundation should have a certain strength and stability.

3, the surface is uniform and solid, no cracks, no rotten side Ma face, seam straight and smooth, to 6000mm × 6000mm cut about as well.

4, cushion compaction, density greater than 95%, after the medium-sized rolling press pressure, no significant track, no loose soil, waves and so on.

5, the cement base must have a water layer, the use of new PVC thickened water barrier film, the junction should be greater than 300mm, edge margin greater than 150mm.

6, need to consider to stay expansion joints, the width of 5 mm.

7, the basic maintenance period of 2-3 weeks.