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Landscape Artificial Grass No Deterioration And Anti-corrosion, Non-slip
Jul 20, 2017

In recent years, with the development of sports and leisure sports, from the school stadium, kindergarten to the community's leisure venues are beginning to process a product, it is Landscape Artificial Grass. But in the absence of a unified industry norms, the current lack of Landscape Artificial Grass on the market the necessary understanding of a correct understanding of Landscape Artificial Grass more and more necessary.

     Especially on the Landscape Artificial Grass construction standards, which is the basic premise of Landscape Artificial Grass normal use, the standard * first relates to the specifications of Landscape Artificial Grass, the current long Landscape Artificial Grass grass silk can reach 60mm, such materials are mainly used for Professional football field. The length of the grass silk in principle, the longer the better, but generally used for the length of the grass field of football about 30mm.

       Followed by the appearance of artificial lawn on the relevant standards, including the color, appearance, softness and other three aspects, the color to keep nature, the appearance should feel good, Landscape Artificial Grass softness has always been, this Landscape Artificial Grass can be put into use.

      Landscape Artificial Grass grass silk main material is the fiber, the main component is polyethylene or polypropylene, the former than the latter soft, grass silk is difficult to stand up, the ball rebound ability is low. There are two evaluation indexes of the fiber in the standard, which are the number of twist and the diameter of the fiber. The more the twist is, the more fine the silk is, the better the quality is. The bigger the fiber is, the more wear resistance is.

       In addition, the quality of fiber in Landscape Artificial Grass is also one of the factors to measure its quality, can not be ignored or the density of grass silk. Landscape Artificial Grass football field is generally 130200 cluster head, cluster head number as much as possible; and its grass silk line spacing is generally 510mm, but also the more dense the better. Recommended reading: "quick freeze" mode, Green Landscape Artificial Grass in thinking

Professional manufacturers reminded that the water for the Landscape Artificial Grass is a very critical maintenance measures, it will directly affect the life of Landscape Artificial Grass. In addition to water, the Landscape Artificial Grass conservation during the need for waxing, this time and methods need to correctly grasp.

    Although the water can keep the Landscape Artificial Grass dry, not crack, no deterioration, but there are shortcomings of water spray, that is, Landscape Artificial Grass because the water and the surface is too smooth when the athletes easy to wrestling, affecting the technology to play. Therefore, to control the time and amount of water spray.

    The artificial lawn waxing is generally carried out in the spring of each year, but also in the back before the tide operation; waxing before the Landscape Artificial Grass clean need to dry, alkaline water or detergent solution can be washed, you can also use the brush scrub , Then rinse with water, wipe, dry.

    When waxing the Landscape Artificial Grass, you need to put the wax in a sachet sewn with a bean bag, and then start from the site, from front to back, evenly spray water on the Landscape Artificial Grass. Wait for a while and then use a waxing machine to polish.

    The wax used here is made of No. 10 diesel oil, oil, rosin and other raw materials from the preparation, with Landscape Artificial Grass is not dry, non-degenerate and anti-corrosion, anti-skid and so on. In general, once or twice a week, the number of times the climate is dry may be increased as appropriate.