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Landscape Artificial Grass Wear Resistance Greatly Enhanced
Jul 11, 2017

If you are in the United States park, the community on the green stroll, found at the foot of the grass was actually not surprised when the grass, because the conservation of lawn on the water consumption, pollution, "Landscape Artificial Grass" gradually become a lot of European and American countries: Leisure with the grass "new favorite", even in the international sports competition in the proportion of growing.

In the people's understanding, "man-made" is not as good as "really" good, but the lawn may not be so. According to professionals, Landscape Artificial Grass in the last century 60's began to appear, but because of its appearance with the real big difference, easy to break, the athletes in the above run when easy to slip and other defects, not optimistic about the sports sector. But in the next 40 years, the rapid development of materials science and technology, "Landscape Artificial Grass" has been able to achieve the level of real fake, Landscape Artificial Grass wear resistance is also greatly enhanced, its sports performance, including the movement of football speed, rebound and natural grass almost Consistent.

It is because of the protection of sports performance, combined with the Landscape Artificial Grass from climate can be used 24 hours (natural lawn on the high density of the game tolerance of 3 times a week) and maintenance costs are low, only natural lawn 1/10, Landscape Artificial Grass "has been recognized by FIFA, allowing for the international competition, the football club game. In addition, more and more foreign leisure venues, such as parks, the community also chose to use Landscape Artificial Grass, in the United States, 3 years ago with Landscape Artificial Grass leisure only a few hundred thousand square meters, and last year has been up to several million square meters.

It is understood that the "Landscape Artificial Grass" is also reflected in the scientific and technological content, according to football, hockey, tennis, golf, doorball and other different sports characteristics to create a different sports performance "Landscape Artificial Grass."

Artificial lawns are widely used in schools, park stadiums, town streets, hotels, multi-purpose playgrounds, soccer fields, tennis courts, volleyball courts and many other sports and leisure and entertainment venues. Its main raw materials are: PE (polyethylene, mainly used for sports field), PA (Korean imports of nylon, sports and leisure venues and use), PP (polypropylene, mainly curly silk, for leisure places). Environmental protection natural, pollution-free pollution.

Landscape Artificial Grass also produced a golf stripe dedicated Landscape Artificial Grass, hotel roof dedicated landscape leisure Landscape Artificial Grass, sports Landscape Artificial Grass, landscape Landscape Artificial Grass, blue golf course dedicated high-density Landscape Artificial Grass, soccer field dedicated monofilament Landscape Artificial Grass, door course dedicated curl Landscape Artificial Grass , Red high-density high-elastic Landscape Artificial Grass, balcony courtyard leisure places dedicated landscape Landscape Artificial Grass, golf artificial lawn and other products to meet the different needs of the community.