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Sports Artificial Grass Easy To Fade, Not Easy To Brittle
Aug 09, 2017

Football field turf, in the whole football is the foundation, so the quality will have a direct impact,Sports Artificial Grass or the key factors of the game, is also well known. The main reason is that the lawn will directly limit the athletes on the pitch speed and safety, serious will directly affect the life of the entire stadium.

First of all, the football field of artificial turf in full compliance with environmental requirements, lawn surface can be recycled.

Second, because of its foundation is not between the surface layer bonding, the surface layer of the service life is full, the surface layer can be directly replaced.

Third, the design of football lawn artificial turf, there will be no uneven phenomenon, and the structure also has the function of shock absorption and decompression, effectively reduce the noise on the playground.

Fourth, the whole space is relatively high quartz sand,Sports Artificial Grass to ensure that the movement can not get dirty body, but also to solve the problem of cleaning difficult.

Five, because the entire stadium is prepared by the way directly, do not need to re-cross the line, in the maintenance is not only simple, and very convenient, basically no maintenance costs.

Of course, can be made of carpets, the practice is very simple, how many square meters you want to shop to buy how much, and then go to a few carpet workers to the same, and the same carpet, very simple, of course, is also required manual of. This is the industry. We used the general called plastic, because you get the grass,Sports Artificial Grass which is plastic stone, if you want to buy, you can say to the boss, to plastic playground with turf, the general name is called "plastic lawn." Non-toxic and harmless.

Step 1: Lay your artificial lawn to the desired surface, the turf should be larger than you plan to cover the area, allowing the turf to rest for two or three hours, so that wrinkles or creases disappear.

Step 2: Please make the edge of the two artificial turf stitching,Sports Artificial Grass so that one cover to another one above the alignment position. Ready.

Step 3: Cut the turf with a sharp knife or box cutter If you use the appropriate equipment, the actual cut should not be too difficult to check carefully to ensure that there is no gap between each turf and other surfaces.

1. resilience: in the football field artificial turf place to exert a certain impact strength, artificial turf by the impact, the appearance of the deformation value that lawn resilience function. Resilient function Excellent artificial turf, more suitable for Mercedes-Benz, exercise,Sports Artificial Grass more effective to prevent athletes fall injury, closer to natural lawn.

2. Wear resistance: the performance of wear-resistant function and the DTEX value of the silk thread is in contact with each other, is one of the important objectives of artificial turf. After the nail roller on the Lisport test equipment is rolled back and forth on the artificial turf sample, the athlete wears the nail sports shoes to move on the lawn, and after a certain period of time is reached, the wear and tear of the lawn is evaluated. Wear-resistant features The outstanding artificial turf is more durable and has a longer service life.

3. Anti-aging: the production of artificial turf grass silk, will add anti-aging additives, which is an important part of artificial turf. In the set temperature and humidity conditions, the use of Omega WOM imitate the normal sun ultraviolet light artificial turf, that is,Sports Artificial Grass artificial imitation of the climate, to set the time to investigate, test artificial turf color and related physical function changes, called Artificial turf anti-aging function test. In the usual climatic conditions, anti-aging function of the artificial turf is not easy to fade, not easy to brittle, anti-aging function of artificial lawn site color more durable, more stable, rarely fall grass, life is more durable.