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Sports Artificial Grass Grass Wire Wear-resistant, Long Service Life
Jul 11, 2017

Soccer field Sports Artificial Grass According to the type of lawn is generally divided into reticular grass, monospora grass, mixed weed grass (straight knitting, mesh filament mixed weaving, etc.), a high degree of choice according to the size of the venue vary, the general height In the 25-60mm, in the country, the general choice of 50 mm height accounted for the vast majority.

First look at the network grass:

As the name suggests, the network of grass fiber spread like the same as the network, hence the name. The mesh grass wire will be gradually opened during use, and the wear contact surface is relatively small, thus reducing the burn to the skin. Meanwhile, the Sports Artificial Grass football field can provide enough cushioning force, the ball movement, the rolling, the rebound and the ball speed can reach Ideal natural lawn movement standard. This section of grass silk wear-resistant, long life, suitable for high-frequency use of venues such as soccer field artificial grassland use, and cost-effective.

Second, we talk about, single silk grass:

Monochrome grass is the biggest feature of the grass fiber is relatively small, high degree of bionic, the movement is closer to the natural lawn. , Wear contact surface is small, reduce the burn to the skin; the site can provide adequate buffer force, ball movement, rolling, rebound and ball speed can achieve the ideal natural lawn sports standards. Grass silk wear-resistant, long life, suitable for domestic high-frequency use, cost-effective.

Finally, is mixed with weeds (straight mixed weaving, silk monofilament weaving, etc.), mixed with half of the lawn are used mesh wire, monofilament, and curved silk with mixed weaving. His characteristic: high elasticity: This specification is the biggest feature of artificial grass is soft and dense curved silk can significantly enhance the grass layer of elasticity, to ensure that the Sports Artificial Grass excellent performance to improve the safety of the site; sand: The special structure of the mesh heel can effectively prevent the splash and spill of the filler, reduce the maintenance frequency, reduce the maintenance of labor and cost; Permeability: the root of the song to effectively spacing and fill the filling layer of quartz sand, to avoid the quartz sand Phenomenon, to ensure good drainage performance lawn; durable: needle density, enhanced wear resistance, and increased service life.

 The post-maintenance of the Sports Artificial Grass is a very important part of the whole sporting ground system, which directly affects the useful life of the site.