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Sports Artificial Grass Use Becomes More And More Diverse
Jul 20, 2017

In recent years, with the improvement of people's living standards, environmental awareness is also rising, while the state to increase environmental support efforts, making the Sports Artificial Grass industry space has been further growth. After more than 10 years of professional management and technological innovation

Sports Artificial Grass company has developed the first for the football field of free-filled Sports Artificial Grass, this section of Sports Artificial Grass does not need to fill quartz sand, particles, environmentally friendly and easy construction, the future will replace the traditional filling football field Sports Artificial Grass.

The use of Sports Artificial Grass has been widely recognized by the whole society, accompanied by the expansion of investment in the industry and the expansion of business areas, the industry has been from the traditional stadium laying, road landscape green, municipal parks, city square, public green space, To the ecological environment construction and other fields, industry development prospects are very broad.

    Since the introduction of Sports Artificial Grass in China, with the Sports Artificial Grass in the manufacture of materials, weaving technology, filling materials and other aspects of improvement, so that the difference between natural lawns narrowing. In recent years, the use of artificial lawns has become more diversified and, in particular, the use of international soccer matches has been gradually recognized.

Sports Artificial Grass from the grass and the bottom of the two parts. Affect the lawn as a whole factors are grass silk density, lawn fineness and grass three elements: Sports Artificial Grass density refers to the density per square meter of tufted needles, Sports Artificial Grass fineness, fineness refers to the weight of each root of 10,000 meters, Grams of calculation, the relative weight of the heavier the weight of grass silk will be better, grass height refers to the height of grass. The base fabric, the general base fabric is divided into double or single layer of the base fabric, double bottom of the fabric will be in the pp under the cloth with a layer of mesh cloth below, this will effectively prevent the situation at the end of cloth broken.

Sports Artificial Grass industry to introduce China more than ten years, the market continues to expand for a variety of places. Villa garden leisure decoration, road green isolation, school sports field is no longer limited to natural lawn, replaced by artificial plastic fake turf. However, most people do not understand the Sports Artificial Grass, compared with the natural lawn, Sports Artificial Grass has: 1, all weather, not climate impact; 2 environmental protection, recyclable; 3, durability, durability is not easy to fade ; 4, maintenance-free, 5, natural; 6, evergreen, all year round gives the feeling of spring; 7 simulation, good flexibility, feel comfortable; 8, easy construction and many other advantages.