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Ways In Which Artificial Turf And Classification
Nov 30, 2016

Artificial grass actually belongs to the ground system, because different composition for artificial turf, so we can form part of its classification, can be divided into: natural turf, no sand-filled artificial turf and fillers, artificial turf, and so on. If classified material, which can be divided into: polypropylene, polyethylene and nylon turf artificial turf artificial grass three, because the use of different materials, artificial turf will also vary in price, so carefully distinguish between quality artificial turf can effectively select the quality of the lawn.
Actually not filling sand of artificial lawn in whole domestic market Shang also is compared rare of, because this lawn of manufacturing and production of technology Shang, are need from abroad for introduced, and domestic real master this class technology of personnel is compared rare, because not filling sand of artificial lawn Basic are is select nylon of material, and this material in cost Shang compared expensive, so in domestic market Shang, many customer are not willing to select.
Domestic implementation of artificial turf and natural grass combination of technology, because such basic natural raw materials of the lawn, primarily fixed using plastic grass roots, laying in grass growth on the bottom of the plastic mesh, use this way to make natural lawn more firmly.