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What Are The Safety Standards For Artificial Turf
Nov 30, 2016

1. artificial turf to make sure that does not contain heavy metals, which coincide with the relevant rule in the specification of eight kinds of soluble metals (cadmium, lead, mercury, chromium, antimony, arsenic, barium, selenium) constraints on dissolved content, ensure that the product is a professional organization to check.
2. ensure reasonable distribution of artificial turf, planning and supply security. Offer perfect lawn cushion bump-absorbing performance, cuts injuries caused by falling from height.
3. ensure that the laying of artificial turf to the antimicrobial effect of preventing bacterial infections when children play on the lawn of probability, give the child activity to the area and provide a safe and comfortable, and have a higher fire safety rating, could be reduced incidence of fire in children's entertainment district.
4. grass yarn tensile breaking force >=120N (12.2KG), a single cluster of pullout about twice the national norms to prevent child eating grass.